EU: Neither Pristina nor Belgrade can be happy with agreement

Source: N1

Neither Pristina nor Belgrade can be satisfied with all the points that will be a part of an agreement on the normalisation of relations, Tomas Szunyog the head of the European Union office in Pristina, said on Wednesday.

He told KTV the international obligation to implement an agreement would help Belgrade and Pristina advance towards the EU.

According to him, the dialogue facilitated by Brussels is progressing, and expert groups have already reached agreements on some issues.

Szunyog said that no one would reveal the details of the specific deals until a comprehensive agreement was reached.

„This is the basic principle of international negotiations. If you negotiate an agreement, then you will not show every single paragraph or every chapter after you agree to it,“ Suniog said.

Speaking about the Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM), Suniog said Pristina should make a proposal that would be put on the negotiating table.

The CSM issue was agreed upon in Brussels in 2013 but had not been implemented.

Belgrade insists on its formation, while Pristina maintains it can be done after an agreement on mutual recognition.

The two sides also understand it differently. While Pristina says the CSM cannot have any executive power, Belgrade claims it can according to the Brussels Agreement.