Serbian Statistics Office releases data on imports and exports in 2019

NEWS 28.10.2020 14:28
Source: Shutterstock

The Republic Statistics Office (RZS) said on Wednesday that Serbia imported goods worth 17.52 billion Euro in 2019 and exported goods worth 23.71 billion.

A report on foreign trade said that Germany is the country’s most important economic partner in terms of imports and exports.

The RZS said that 16,503 companies exported goods last year, 12.5 percent (2.19 billion Euro) of which were motor vehicles and trailers, followed by retail companies with 12.4 percent (2.16 billion) and food products with 8.7 percent (1.52 billion).

A total of 25,704 companies imported goods, mainly wholesalers, except for vehicle imports worth 6.29 billion Euro and accounting for 26.5 percent of the total imports. They were followed by vehicle and trailer seller with 1.47 billion or 6.2 percent and by retailers with 1.44 billion or 6.1 percent.

Most imports from Serbia went to Germany, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania and Russia all of which accounted for 41.3 percent of the total exports.

Germany also ranked first in terms of imports followed by China, Italy, Hungary and Turkey all of which accounted for 39.2 percent of overall imports.