Serbian authorities tell CoE attacks on Journalists still being investigated

NEWS 27.10.2020 13:31
Source: FoNet/Aleksandar Levajković

A Serbian Internal Affairs Ministry (MUP) report said that most attacks on journalists during last July’s protests in Belgrade are still being investigated, the Beta news agency said on Tuesday.

The report to the Council of Europe (CoE) Platformfor the Protection of Journalismand Safety of Journalists added that only one assailant has been identified and arrested and held for 48 hours.  

The Independent Journalists Association of Serbia (NUNS) said that the MUP report showed that only one person who broke a window on the state Radio TV Vojvodina (RTV) building in Novi Sad on July 8 had been processed on charges of violent behavior.  

The MUP report said that the police Internal Control Sector gathered information about the obstruction of the N1 TV crew as ordered by a prosecutor and added that the obstruction of journalists Marko Radonjic from the Nova S portal was not reported and no investigation was launched. It said that the assault on Beta journalist Zikica Stevanovic was reported to the prosecution and an investigation launched to identify the attacker. The MUP informed the prosecution in Novi Sad about attacks on RTS journalist Milan Srdic and cameraman Lazar Vukadinovic and the prosecutor charged the suspect with violent behavior after he was arrested and admitted to the crime, the report said.  

The police confirmed that it was not informed about an attack on an RTS crew in the southern city of Nis and that the journalists said in a telephone conversation that they would not file charges. The MUP report to the CoE platform said that prosecutors conduct investigations into allegations of police brutality and added that the investigation can be handed over to the police Internal Control Sector.