Serbia’s MPs vote for three new cabinets; SPS names two ministers

NEWS 26.10.2020 19:54
Source: N1

Serbia’s new government will have a total of 21 ministries including the three new - ministries of human and minority rights and social dialogue, family welfare and demography and villages after the deputies unanimously voted in favour.

The Ministry of human and minority rights and social dialogue will deal with the protection of those rights, draft regulations for the area and follow their adjustment with the international agreements.

 The Ministry of family welfare and demography will take care of legal system for the protection of marriages, population policy, family planning, the improvement and development of demography, birth policy, and that of quality of life and life expectancy, as well as of the reproductive health.

The Ministry of villages will strategically overview the situation of the villages and their population, suggest measures for the improvement of living conditions in the villages and nourish their traditional way of life.

In the meantime, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) named Branko Ruzic, its deputy leader and former Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, as Prime Minister’s first deputy and the minister of Education, Science and Technological Development.

SPS also decided that another party’s deputy leader Novica Toncev, would be a minister without portfolio.

Those positions were empty earlier, waiting for the SPS decision.