WHO Serbia office chief says situation serious

NEWS 26.10.2020 12:16
marijan ivanuša
Source: Izvor: N1

World Health Organization (WHO) Serbia office chief Marijan Ivanusa said on Monday that the situation in the country is serious with high numbers of coronavirus cases reported.

Ivanusa told the Serbian state TV (RTS) that the worsening situation has to be dealt with as soon as possible and warned that countries which did not deal with the situation now face even greater challenges.  

According to the doctor, Serbia has done a lot but can do more. “We saw how fast the (health care) system was moved from normal to COVID-19. Testing capacities were increased, a lot was done. The measures that are in place are maybe not being implemented optimally and there is room for improvement. New measures should be considered,” he said.

He said that the safety of the people who are going to work has to be secured, people have to maintain a distance in shops and wear masks. “If someone shows symptoms, they should be tested and their contacts quarantined and people with symptoms have to be treated on time because that can save lives,” Ivanusa said.

He said that the coronavirus is present among the population in Serbia and warned that gatherings should be limited. “Hospitals do not prevent an epidemic. It is prevented with health care measures,” he said.