New Minister lashes out at talk show host

NEWS 26.10.2020 09:53
Source: Medija centar Beograd

A soon-to-be-minister in the new Serbian government lashed out with insults at a talk show host who has been critical of the authorities.

Incoming Minister of Family Care and Demographics Ratko Dmitrovic wrote an offensive post about talk show host Ivan Ivanovic, calling him a dog. “”Ivan Ivanovic, called Chihuaha, is unjustified in his fear of Belgrade deputy Mayor Goran Vesic. Vesic is not in charge of dog catchers in Belgrade,” the former editor in chief of pro-regime daily Vecernje Novosti Tweeted. Dmitrovic’s appointment was announced on Sunday.  

He added that he knows that some people will say that this is beneath him but that “sometimes you have to shake it off your leg”.   Ivanovic responded: “Bravo minister, happy beggining”. contacted Ivanovic for a comment but he said he has nothing more to say.

Ivanovic and Vesic have been clashing in public for some time, starting with Ivanovic asking how Vesic could spend 80,000 Euro on a vacation trip when his salary is 100,000 Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars). Ivanovic followed up by publishing the deputy Mayor’s income. Since then, Vesic has been constantly insulting Ivanovic, claiming that he is a liar.