Right-wingers' gathering in Belgrade, police, counter-rally

Source: N1

The supporters of the right-wing movement 'People's Patrol' gathered in a park outside the Faculty of Economics close to the Belgrade main Bus Station (BAS), after calling for a rally against migrants, while left-wing organisations rallied nearby and the police kept the two groups apart.

No incident was reported except the verbal exchange between the groups.

‘People’s Patrol’ called on people via social networks to gather under the slogan ‘Let’s clean the park near the Faculty of Economics,’ where migrants often could be seen but were not there during the rally.

The rightists promised to follow the migrants’ movements in other places in Serbia.

In a protest, the leftists organised ‘Solidarity Tea’ for refugees from Asia and Africa half an hour before the first rally.

 „Solidarity Tea“ was organised by the Marxist Red Organization, Marks21, Communists of Serbia, Zrenjanin Social Forum, Anti-Fascist Action of Sombor, No Rehabilitation, Pannonian Anti-Fascist Organization – PAOR, A11 – Initiative for Economic and Social Rights, Klikaktiv – Center for Social Policy Development, Center for Yugoslav Studies, Lesbian and Gay Solidarity Network, Political Poster, Jazzball Band, Our Song Choir.