Slovenia logs 1,675 new coronavirus cases, five fatalities

NEWS 25.10.2020 12:04
Source: Ilustracija

In the last 24 hours, there have been 1,675 new cases of the infection with coronavirus, and five more COVID-related deaths in Slovenia, the health ministry reported on Sunday.

On Saturday, Slovenia registered a record single-day surge of 1,961 cases.

Furthermore, the percentage of positive tests is around high 30 percent.

Hospitals are currently treating 508 COVID patients, including 71 in intensive care wards.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, 22,952 people have tested positive and of them, 240 have succumbed to this infection.

Health Minister Tomaz Gantar has in the meantime issued a decree whereby all but urgent healthcare services are postponed for the next 14 days. The priority is given to the treatment of COVID patients.

Also, all shops but groceries and pharmacies are closed.

Residents are expected not to leave their towns and communities where they live.

Schools and universities are organising online teaching. Pre-school institutions are closed as of Monday.