France deports family to Bosnia who beat their daughter for loving a Serbian man


French authorities have expelled a Bosnian family who had beaten and shaved their adolescent daughter who wanted to marry a young Serbian man, the Interior Ministry said, Reuters reported on Saturday.

The Ministry said the family of five had been deported to Bosnia’s capital, Sarajevo, on Saturday morning.

“This expulsion from the national territory is the consequence of unacceptable behaviour on the part of the family in August, notably beatings and the shaving of an adolescent girl who was in love with a young Serbian man of another religion,” the Ministry said.

They added that the under-aged girl will be taken care of by social services and that she will obtain the right of residence in France when she reaches majority.

French media reported that a 17-year old Bosnian Muslim woman in Besancon had been beaten by her family, in August, and that she was forcefully shaved because she wanted to marry a 20-year old Serbian Christian.