N1: UNS to stop campaign against professional journalists; NUNS: N1 last address

NEWS 23.10.2020 16:55
Source: N1

The Association of Serbia’s Journalists (UNS) on Friday called on N1, NovaS and Nova.rs journalists to resist the pressure from their owners and stop violating the Journalists’ Code.

UNS said that N1 violated ethics and professional rules while reporting about the Zurich ruling in favour of the United Group co-owner Dragan Solak in his lawsuit against pro-regime Pink and Studio B TVs and Informer tabloid, as well as about the UNS information regarding that legal case.

Under the presumption of protecting journalism, UNS, planted untruths about N1 reporters and editors policy being under the influence of the Group’s owners.

 The current and former UNS presidents Vladimir Radomirovic and Ljiljana Smajlovic, respectively, are trying to make a case out of nothing and deliberately provide ammunition to tabloids which have violated the Code in many instances according to the monitoring by Press Council.

Being a member of the Press Council, Smajlovic frequently justifies tabloids’ violations.

UNS, which she headed for years, had divided Serbia’s journalists based on the role in the 1990s wars.

That extreme violations of the fundamental professional standards had contributed to the formation of the second, Independent Association of Serbia’s Journalists (NUNS).

N1 journalists independently create their programme and report on events in Serbia, without any influence, pressures and have the freedom to express their views of the editorial policy.

N1 staff call on UNS to stop the campaign of untruths about N1 and to finally start to deal with the protection of those media people in Serbia who really are under tremendous pressure and who undoubtedly receive instructions not only from their owners but from different centres of political power.

N1 journalists call on UNS to start reacting to the pro-government media attacks on independent outlets, as the unique phenomenon in the history of journalism, and to publicly condemn the practice of pre-agreed questions which aim at discrediting the independent media in Serbia.

N1 journalists:
Jugoslav Cosic, Igor Bozic, Pedja Obradovic, Maja Zezelj Stankovic, Branislav Sovljanski, Minja Miletic, Maja Dragic, Vladan Alimpijevic, Tatjana Veselinovic, Milan Saric, Milos Milovanovic, Ana Kaplij, Igor Kosut, Zaklina Tatalovic, Nikola Radisic, Nataša Miljkovic, Djordje Naskovic, Vojislav Stevanovic, Jovana Stetin Lakic, Milica Spasic, Emina Kovacevic, Marija Sehic, Jelena Zoric, Maja Nikolic, Jelena Sotirovic, Jelena Mirkovic, Maja Djuric, Jelena D Petrovic, Ksenija Pavkov, Marija Komazec, Natasa Kovacev, Milan Stojanovic, Mladen Savatovic, Tatjana Aleksic, Dusica Jovanovic, Majda Sovljanski Banjanovic, Nenad Nesic, Vanja Djuric, Petar Gajic, Sanja Sovrlic, Ana Novakovic, Filip Lukic, Maja Sikimic, Dusan Mladjenovic, Tijana Romic, Marina Fratucan, Zana Cimili, Milena Lazarevic, Milica Tadic, Nikola Stojic, Bosko Nicovic, Stefan Stankovic, Jelena M Petrovic, Neda Vulovic, Nenad Milicevic, Tamara Ognjanovic, Jelisaveta Cirilovic, Miona Zivic, Mirjana Nikolic, Julijana Mojsilovic, Darko Popovic, Ivan Mitkovski, Bojana Jakovljevic, Nikola Kojic, Gordana Vas, Danijela Pasic.

N1 camerapeople:
Ivan Zugic, Aleksandar Cvrkotic, Slobodan Spanic, Vuk Dapcevic, Vuk Mijatovic, Ivan Ostrogonac, Denijal Dabic, Aleksandar Milanovic, Boban Rajkovic, Marko Tikvaroski, Goran Jankovic, Miloš Obradovic.