EU Info Center says medical uniforms supplied to doctors and nurses

NEWS 21.10.2020 21:53
Source: REUTERS/Matthias Rietschel

The Belgrade-based EU Info Center said on Wednesday that the first shipment of uniforms for medical staff hired with assistance from the European Union assistance in a UNOPS program had been delivered to doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians in several cities.

The uniforms were supplied to the newly-hired doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians battling the coronavirus pandemic in Belgrade, Valjevo, Sabac, Novi Pazar, Nis, Vranje, Novi Sad and Sombor.  

The EU financed the purchase of 800,000 face masks, 100 triage containers (made in Serbia), 300 infrared thermometers, 100 oxygen concentration devices and other medical equipment, the EU Info Center said.