Albania supports Kosovo dialogue, parliament speaker says

NEWS 21.10.2020 20:15
Source: N1

Albanian Parliament Speaker Gramoz Ruci said on Wednesday that his country supports the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue with the mediation of the European Union and United States.

Pristina daily Koha quoted him as saying that the dialogue should end in a legally binding agreement in line with the Kosovo constitution which would enable mutual recognition.  

Ruci told a delegation of the Kosovo Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee headed by chairwoman Time Kadrijaj and Pristina’s Ambassador Nait Hasani that cooperation between Albania and Kosovo is strategic and stabilizing for the region, adding that the comprehensive partnership with Kosovo should become the model for regional cooperation.  

“Albania strongly supports the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue with EU and US mediation. The final outcome should be a legally binding agreement which allows mutual recognition, Kosovo’s membership in the UN and EU and minority rights in line with the Kosovo constitution,” he said.