Kosovo's PM: CSM won't have executive power

Source: Tanjug/AP/Francisco Seco

Avdulah Hoti, Kosovo's Prime Minister, reiterated on Wednesday that the Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM) would not have any executive power, adding Pristina's Parliament violated the Constitution when ratified the Community-related agreement with Belgrade in 2013.

„This issue won’t be opened again, but an obligation is there. If an agreement is reached, it must not jeopardise Kosovo’s unitary character. There won’t be any CSM with executive powers,“ Hoti told reporters.

He added he would not yield to pressures but would respect the Parliament’s decisions and Kosovo’s Constitution.

„We have clear principles in the (Belgrade – Pristina) dialogue (on the normalisation of relations). I judge that such a decision (on CSM) is inappropriate at this moment. I don’t expect the Community to block the dialogue because there is a consent the issue was finalised. If it (the dialogue) is blocked, that won’t be our fault since I believe we have shown a significant engagement in the process,“ Hoti said.

On the other hand, Belgrade is against Pristina’s decision to implement the CSM after a comprehensive and legally binding agreement is reached, saying that it has been agreed on seven years ago and should have already been in place.