Brnabic: Authorities face risk with early elections

NEWS 20.10.2020 22:26

Prime Minister designate Ana Brnabic said on Tuesday that calling early elections for 2022 means that the authorities are taking the risk of having the public evaluate their performance in 2021.

Speaking on a talk show on the state TV (RTS), Brnabic said that the decision to call those elections was very responsible, adding that if the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) does not have a good year in 2021, someone else will get an opportunity to come to power. Brnabic said that Serbia will face a number of challenges next year, primarily in terms of health care and the eocnomy.  

She said that her new cabinet will have the capacity to take important decisions even though its term in office is limited. Brnabic said that minority parties have been offered places in the government. Asked if her cabinet would be a unity government of the kind formed by all parliamentary parties in times of crisis, Brnabic said that the world is in a crisis which demands unity.