Belgrade marks 76th anniversary of liberation in WW II

Source: Tanjug / Zoran Žestić

Serbia’s capital Belgrade marks the 76th anniversary of the September 21-October 22, 1944 battle for liberation from the German occupation in the World War II.

In the series of events, President Aleksandar Vucic, city officials and the representatives of the Jewish community will lay wreaths on the monuments dedicated to the war heroes and commemorate the victims of fascism.

The Centre for Cultural Decontamination organizes the ‘Freedom is Everything’ debate.

The battle for the liberation of Belgrade in 1944 ended 1,287-day-long German occupation.

The units of the People’s Liberation Army of Yugoslavia (NOVJ) and the Third Corp of the Red Army’s Ukraine front won the decisive battle on October 20, 1944, inflicting a heavy defeat to the German ‘Serbia’ Army group.

The battle claimed the lives of 2,953 NOVJ and 976 Red Army’s soldiers.

Liberated Belgrade was in ruins following two heavy bombings: by Germans on April 6, 1944, which started the unannounced war in the then Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and by the Allies in April, May, June, July and September 1944 which aimed to destroy the German infrastructure.

The airstrikes killed many civilians and destroyed many civil objects in the city.

During the occupation of Belgrade, German fascists formed two camps: at the city’s suburb of Banjica where some 250,000 people were held and over 30,000 killed, and at the Sava River left bank where about 200,000 Jews and anti-fascists were imprisoned and more than 40,000 of them killed.

Also on Tuesday, the traditional anti-war manifestation’ Great School Class’ dedicated to a few thousands of citizens of Serbia’s central city of Kragujevac, men, women and children shot by Germans in revenge for their soldiers the Yugoslav anti-fascist killed before October 21, 1941, will be held on Tuesday with a limited audience due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Source : FoNet/Press služba predsednika Srbije

 The manifestations will include the performing of Macedonian author Venko Andonovski’s drama ‘Riddled Souls’ directed by Jana Maricic, while the traditional vigil will be held at the ‘October 21 Memorial Park’ Museum