Wheat sowing running late in Serbia

NEWS 19.10.2020 17:44

This month’s rainy weather has forced farmers to postpone sowing their wheat, a wheat expert told the Beta news agency on Monday.

        Zito Srbije (Wheat Serbia) Association chief Vukosav Sakovic said that wheat had been sown on just 10 percent of the planned 600,000 hectares of farmland. According to him, the rains prevented farmers from preparing the ground for the sowing and slowed down the corn harvest. “Experts say that the best time to sow wheat, barley and rye is by October 25 but in Serbia that can extend into November,” Sakovic said.  

He said that the rising price of wheat (ranging from 19.5 to 20 Dinars a kilogram) makes it more interesting for farmers to sow wheat and added that he expects them to sow 50,000 hectares more than in 2019. Sakovic said that farmers in Serbia don’t sell their wheat as long as the price keeps rising and then offer it in bulk when the price falls. He said the price and yield will be affected by the fact that some 50 percent of the declared seed will be used.