Serbian chemistry textbook wins BELMA award

NEWS 15.10.2020 17:42
Source: N1

A 7th grade chemistry textbook by two Serbian authors won a Best European Learning Materials (BELMA) award , publisher Novi Logos said on Thursday.

The textbook set won bronze in Category 3 for secondary education as “a rich package of student’s and teacher’s materials in printed and digital formats with an emphasis on chemistry as a part of natural sciences and its important everyday life applications,” the judges said, adding that it had an “amazing gallery of selected world-famous philosophers and scientists as well as a special glossary providing added value and expanding students’ knowledge of chemistry history and modern perspectives”.  

BELMA said that the textbook is very consistent and well-structured with easily understandable visualization and materials geared to different styles of learning.   Logos said that the textbook by Tatjana Nedeljkovic and Dragana Andjelkovic differs from others because of the creativity and diversity of its content.  

The BELMA award is presented by the Frankfurt Book Fair, European Educational Publishers Group and International Association for Research on Textbooks and Educational Media.