Rightists arrested over violent incident in Belgrade

Source: Arhiva

The Belgrade police arrested members of a right-wing group known for violent incidents, charging them with the beating of a man earlier this month.

The First Basic Public Prosecution said on its web site that the police arrested six members of the Levijatan group who are being charged with beating a man after he refused to apologize for social media posts which they disagreed with.  

The group wanted the man to record a video expressing regret and post it on Facebook which he refused and was beaten. The beating was preceded by a threatening phone call by the main suspect who demanded a recorded apology on social media.  

The Prosecution said that only one of the six was remanded in custody even though prosecutors demanded the detention of five of the six.  

Levijatan is known for a number of incidents against Roma, migrants and people who disagree with their right-wing views.