Vandals destroy strip art exhibit

NEWS 14.10.2020 10:27
Source: N1

A strip art exhibition was vandalized by a group of masked young men who threw tear gas and tore up the artwork in a central Belgrade gallery on Tuesday night.

The exhibition, which included art work by Marko Somborac, a caricaturist known for his criticism of the authorities, was held at the Stara Kapetanija gallery. The vandals’ attack came after a flood of negative reactions to the exhibited dark humor content.  

Somborac told the portal that death threats against one of the group of authors representated at the exhibition had been reported to the police earlier that evening. He said that the attack by the group of some 15 masked men in black jackets and hoodies was launched at a moment when only one security guard and an artist were in the gallery. “They didn’t threaten her, they just broke in, threw the teargas, tore up the art and ran off. She went after them to tell them about the art,” he said.  

“The police are a minute away from the venue. People obviously don’t understand dark humor. None of them reported a neighbor for beating his wife,” he said and added that two more exhibitions have been scheduled and will be held despite the attack.  

Exhibition organizer Ivana Djordjevic told the conservative Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti a day earlier that the exhibition was not set up by any of the organizations or individuals viewed as negative or anti-Serb but was about presenting the brutality of the times they were created in, the 1990s.