Fabrizi: Erasmus is 20 years of EU-Serbia partnership

NEWS 13.10.2020 16:48

The European Union’s Ambassador in Serbia Sem Fabrizi told the opening of a conference on Serbia and the Erasmus program that the education program is a good story of two decades of a successful partnership between Serbia and EU.

Fabrizi joined the conference online, having gone into self-isolation. He said that Serbia should continue taking part in the Erasmus+ program in 2021-27. Serbia became a program partner state in 2019.

Belgrade University Rector Ivanka Popovic said that the program was helpful not only in terms of finances but also in helping acquire skills which helped the academic community apply for other EU programs. The mobility of students and teachers created opportunities to gain experience in other European universities, she said.

Assistant Education Minister Aleksandar Jovic told the conference that the Erasmus+ program contributed greatly to the development of education in Serbia. He said that Serbia received some 140 million Euro in donations from the EU to develop its education system at all levels.