Daily says 371 registered pedophiles in Serbia, grieving father says many more

NEWS 12.10.2020 14:24
Source: Shutterstock

Belgrade daily Politika said on Monday that there are 371 registered pedophiles in Serbia, 92 more than a year earlier.

Convicted pedophiles are registered under the so-called Marija’s law (officially the Law on Special Measures to Prevent Gender Freedom Crimes Against Minors) which was adopted in 2013. The law was named after eight-year-old Marija Jovanovic who was killed by a convicted pedophile in June 2010. The registry was set up in 2015.  

The daily quoted figures from the Justice Ministry Criminal Sanctions Department, specifying that the people whose names were entered into the registry have all been convicted of sexual crimes against minors.  

Igor Juric, whose daughter Tijana was abducted and killed in 2014, told Politika that the number of registered pedophiles is “just a drop in the bucket”, adding that there are hundreds more unregistered.