Brnabic says European Commission assessment arbitrary

NEWS 08.10.2020 15:04
Source: Printscreen / Tanjug

Serbian Prime Minister designate Ana Brnabic said on Thursday that some of the claims in the European Commission’s latest report on the country’s progress were arbitrary while others were simply being repeated with no concrete examples.

“I think some of the assessments are too arbitrary while others are just repeated non-stop without giving concrete examples,” she said, adding that she would demand concrete examples because she does not want to do her job arbitrarily “and can’t talk to our partners if they give arbitrary assessments”.  

“I agree with some of the comments on the election process, with some I don’t. We will discuss them openly just as we have so far,” she told a news conference after a meeting with young people about the My First Salary program. Brnabic said that she does not know exactly how many young people have left the country. “We don’t have those figures but you know that were actively working on mapping our diaspora, to find out where our young people are, why they left and what we have to do to bring them back,” she said and added that “the brain drain itself is not a problem for us, it could even be good for the country”.