Vucic tells UN GA Serbia won’t accept humiliating solution for Kosovo

NEWS 24.09.2020 09:06

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told the UN General Assembly that Belgrade believes the Kosovo issue can be solved through dialogue but warned that the solution must not be “humiliating and unacceptable”.

“I believe that a solution can be reached following a long and hard dialogue but be assured that Serbia will never accept humiliation. Anything that is not a compromise which will have to be equally satisfactory and unsatisfactory to both sides is not acceptable for us,” he told the 75th UN General Assembly by video link. He said that a big step had been taken with the White House Agreements to normalize economic relations and praised what he said was the very constructive role of US President Donald Trump’s administration.  

He said that European Union membership remains Serbia’s foreign policy goal but added that it does not exclude deeper cooperation with other countries. “We maintain partnership relations with Western countries, including intensive cooperation with the US but at the same time we are proud of our excellent relations with Russia and China,” he said and added that cooperation with African and South American countries is part of the country’s foreign policy but that promoting regional cooperation is a basic tenet of foreign policy.  

Vucic said that Serbia attaches great importance to UN peacekeeping efforts across the world and recalled that Serbia is the leading country in the Western Balkans and ninth in Europe in terms of contributions to military and police contingents in UN peace operations.

He said that the coronavirus pandemic confirmed the need to strengthen the role of the UN and what he said is the irreplacable role of its specialized agencies. “The UN has to adapt to new circumstances and is ready for a joint response to the challenges of the times. The new reality is the world is more proof that contemporary challenges do not know state borders,” he said.