N1 TV crew assaulted by Asseco security guard

NEWS 23.09.2020 19:51
Source: N1

An N1 TV crew was assaulted by a security guard while trying to record video of the Asseco SEE company building in Belgrade on Wednesday.

The security guard also made a death threat and grabbed the crew’s camera after standing in front of it to try to prevent them from recording. “Come to my house and I’ll shoot you like a rabbit”, the guard said adding that he knows where the crew came from. “You just come here and think that if they sent you from America you can do whatever you want,” he said. The security guard was wearing a shirt with the insignia G4S on it.

 Earlier in the day, Marinika Tepic, deputy leader of the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), handed the office of the Republic Public Prosecutor contracts which she said show that Asseco, where Prime Minister Ana Brnabic’s brother Igor is a senior manager, received 180 million Dinars for a project for the IT Administration Office which is under the prime minister’s jurisdiction.  

Asseco said in a reaction that it has been doing business with the public sector for more than 10 years and has worked successfully with more than 20 institutions.