Telekom Srbija denies something N1 hasn't said

NEWS 23.09.2020 14:09
Source: N1

Following a report by N1, state-owned Telekom Srbija issued a statement denying the news and saying "Telekom Srbija has not, nor will it change the prices of users with valid contracts." N1 published the news based on what the users told.

In the meantime, the Consumer Protection body confirmed to N1 that the rights of Telekom Srbija’s subscribers were violated.

N1 found out there were differences in the prices of box packages, which were higher than a few days ago.

However, N1 did not say whether those prices would apply to users currently under contract.

N1 asked Telekom to explain the price changes, why the users were not informed about it, and whether new prices would be applied after the end of the existing contracts. No answer came from Telekom Srbija.