Montenegro state election commission releases final results

NEWS 14.09.2020 11:41
Source: REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Montenegro’s State Election Commission (DIK) released the final results of the August 30 parliamentary elections, confirming that President Milo Djukanovic’s Democratic party of Socialists (DPS) won the most seats but not enough to form a government.

According to the results, the DPS won 30 seats in the 81 seat parliament, the For The Future of Montenegro (Za budućnost Crne Gore) coalition won 27, the Peace is Our Nation (Mir je naša nacija) coalition won 10 and the Black on White (Crno na bijelo) platfrom won four seats.

The Social Democrats and Bosniak Party won three seats each and the SDP won two while the Albanian List and Unanimously coalition won one seat each.