Montenegro gets two thirds less tourists than last year

NEWS 14.09.2020 09:30
Source: REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljević

A senior official of the Montenegrin Tourism Ministry said on Monday that the number of tourists in the country last week was about the third of the level of the same period a year earlier.

Ministry State Secretary Damir Davidovic told the state TV (TVCG) that there were some 27,000 tourists in Montenegro last week, adding that this is higher than in July and early August when the number of tourists was about 10 percent of the number in the same period of 2019. He said the number of tourists rose in August because the government allowed the free flow of people across the border.  

Davidovic said that most of the tourists in Montenegro are from the Western Balkans with small numbers of visitors from other countries such as the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.