Digital 2020: Pandemic a challenge for telecoms and media

NEWS 10.09.2020 20:00
Source: Promo

Participants in the Digital 2020 Powered by Huawei online conference on telecommunications and the media said that the coronavirus pandemic is a huge test for telecommunications companies, adding that those companies proved that they can adapt quickly to new conditions.

Telenor Serbia executive Sasa Lekovic said that the pandemic is a stress test for the company’s infrastructure and flexibility. “You have to think about people both employees and clients. I am opposed to the often used phrase keep you social distance. Keep physical distance but not social,” he told one of the panels.

Milija Zekovic, executive director of SBB in Serbia and Telemach in Montenegro, said that “unity and humanity describe the mood at SBB” “We organized work from home for the contact center 10 days before the state of emergency was declared (on March 15 in Serbia). Also, the United Group, which includes SBB, helped the region with three million Dollars with Serbia getting one million in aid,” he said. Zekovic said that Internet speed and services were at the level of the expected for 2022 and 2023. He said that the state faces a serious job on regulations and developing 5G infrastructure, especially in terms of the environment. “The need for a 5G network is growing despite the fear among the population, pressure on operators and other problems,” he said. Zekovic recalled that the United Group recently bought the biggest telecommunications operator in Bulgaria, an operator in Croatia and is in the process of buying Forthnet in Greece. “I would like us to have a mobile network in Serbia as well. The public do not always have an opportunity to choose an operator and we believe that the law does not treat all operators equally which I hope will change on the way to the European Union,” he said.

VIP Mobile Serbia and A1 Slovenia chief technical Director Nenad Zeljkovic said that the 5G network is growing at twice the speed that the 4G network grew despite all the challenges during the pandemic and warned that the existing networks are reaching full capacity which is why the 5G network is needed.

Telekom Serbia executive director in charge of technical issues Djordje Marovic said that he expects new activities through innovations in the near future and added that the telecommunications industry is becoming a commodity whose services are as necessary as electricity. He said the indsutry’s importance can only grow and contribute to the recovery of the state and the economy.