Serbia's Defence Minister: VS in control of southern GSZ near Kosovo

Source: TANJUG/Ministarstvo odbrane/Damir Banda

Aleksandar Vulin, Serbia's Defence Minister, visited the Ground Safety Zone (GSZ) base Doborsin in the south of the country along the administrative line with Kosovo, ahead of what many said might be crucial talks between Belgrade and Pristina on the normalisation of relations due on Friday at the White House, and on Monday in Brussels.

Serbia still considers Kosovo as a part of its territory and refer to the borders as the administrative lines.

Vulin said that „the Army of Serbia (VS) fulfilled its duties and wholly controlled the administrative line following the Military-Technical Agreement. VS in GSZ guarantees peace, safety and stability.“

The Ground Safety Zone was established in 2001, amid tensions between ethnic Albanians and Serbia’s forces.

According to the then NATO press release, „the ethnic Albanian armed groups have fulfilled their promises to demilitarise, demobilise and disband. The Presevo Valley is no longer a safe haven for extremists.

GSZ is 384 kilometres long and covers a total area of about 1,920 square kilometres.

The Dobrosin base commander lieutenant Janos Kardos, said on Wednesday the VS soldiers in GSZ were trained to respond to any risk and safety threats.