Serbia's journalists seek international organisations' support

Source: N1

The Independent Society of Vojvodina's (Serbia's northern province) Journalists (NDNV) addressed numerous international journalists' and media organisations, and international representatives in Belgrade, seeking their support over the mass dismissal of media people in the provincial RTV TV, warning it could especially endanger programme in minority languages in the province.

The dismissal came after Serbia’s rebalanced budget deprived the media outlet of more than 1.7 million Euro (200 million RSD), leaving RTV without money to extend the contracts with the journalists, the letter sent to the OSCE, the Council of Europe (CoE) and the European Union Delegation in Belgrade, said.

NDNV added the journalists’ integrity and autonomy were directly related to the socio-economic position of the media and that it was difficult to expect quality content from those whose job could be terminated at any time, „what is happening right now.“

In the case of RTV, it is an incredibly devastating move which jeopardises the programme in minority languages, the Society’s letter said.

NDNV called on international organisations „to pay attention to this problem and to support the efforts of journalists and media people in RTV to fight for the stable and quality content.“