Telekom Serbia agent in France: N1 & Nova S are anti-Serb channels

NEWS 01.09.2020 20:19
Source: Screenshot

An agent of the HBS Media company, which sells Telekom Serbia's offer to Serbia's diaspora in France, described N1 and Nova S TVs as "anti-Serb channels", which should not be offered to the audience there, Stefan Nikolic, a Serb who lives and works in Paris, has told N1 TV on Tuesday.

HBS media also offers and sells GO4YU packages and is their „marketing partner“, registered in February in Bulgaria. Its website says it is an innovative telecommunications company owned by Telekom Srbija.

Nikolic told N1 TV an HBS media agent called him and offered to take their service. After looking at their list of channels, he saw it did not include N1 and Nova S TV’s channels.

That was followed by correspondence in which the agent advised Nikolic not to watch those „anti-Serb channels.“

To the remark that it was up to them to offer channels and the audience to decide what to watch, the agent replied that „we don’t want to take part in brainwashing.“

„Then he said – these are occupied channels, enemy’s channels, fascist channels that no one follows …, Nikolic said, adding he told the agent there were a lot of people in France who watched „non-regime channels“.

However, the agent did not give up.

He told Nikolic that „(pro-regime) Pink and (the state) RTS TV channels are watched and that no one is watching N1.“

„Then they mentioned (a Serbia’s opposition leader Dragan) Djilas… They tried to persuade me, but I refused because I think they are obliged to offer those channels as well, and it’s up to me to choose what I want to watch. They try to control the media, and we don’t like it,“ Nikolic said.