Serbian doctor says no health safety guarantees for schools

NEWS 01.09.2020 12:15
Source: N1

Serbian epidemiologist Predrag Kon told N1 on Tuesday that no one can guarantee absolute health safety in schools but added that he can say that the risks of coronavirus infection are at the lowest possible level.

Speaking about the start of the school year, Kon told the N1 morning show that it will take at least 15 days to see possible consequences, adding that all possible consequences have been considered.  

“We will see realistically if the virus appears (in schools). We can expect individual cases because no one can stop the virus from entering schools since the cases among small children as asymptomatic,” he said.  

Kon, an epidemiologist with the government pandemic Crisis Staff, said that teachers are obliged to report any possible cases to the local health system. He said that the entire class comes under observation if one of the children shows symptoms.  

He expressed the belief that all measures will be followed in schools. “I believe that 100 percent. Whoever does not follow those measures has no reason to be in school which is why we have online classes,” the doctor said.