School year starts with prevention measures in Serbia

Source: N1

The new school year began in Serbia on Tuesday with some children attending classes the first week while others stayed at home.

Schools are obliged to implement recommendations from the government Crisis Staff which means that fewer children will be present in classrooms at any given time and classes divided into groups of 15 children. Wearing masks is mandatory and parents have to take their children’s temperature before sending them to school. Schools are under obligation to organize detailed cleaning of all classrooms and hallways between shifts. Classes have also been cut from the customary 45 minutes to 30 minutes. Most children who attend classes will go to school every second week and get online homework during the week that they stay at home.  

Education Minister Mladen Sarcevic said earlier that 97 percent of parents have decided to send their children to school. He added that classes have been recorded and will be broadcast by the state TV for those children who stay at home.  

The first term is scheduled to end on January 29 with the second term beginning on February 17 and ending on June 18, 2021. Schools were closed and classes organized via the state TV or online in mid-March when a state of emergency was introduced to help combat the coronavirus pandemic. Teachers and doctors have warned that the decision to start the school year was premature.