Serbian environmental organisation attacked for requesting power company data

NEWS 25.08.2020 19:30
Source: N1

The Prismotra (watcher) portal has published a number of stories attacking the Center for Ecology and Sustainable Development (CEKOR) following the Center’s request for information from the Serbian power company (EPS).

The portal said that CEKOR is an economic killer and described its environmental protection activities as an attempt to destroy the Serbian economy.  

CEKOR spokespeople told Tuesday’s news conference that they would react to the allegations with legal means against the attacks which came after the Center filed a request for access to information of public significance with the EPS.

CEKOR CEO Natasa Djerkov said that the portal’s stories were full of lies about the center. “We feel that the journalists’ code of ethic has been violated… We can easily conclude that there are elements of a crime. In any case, there are violations of reputation which is probably the goal. On the other hand, there are strong elements of intimidation,” she said.