Lavrov: Kosovo dialogue has no alternative

NEWS 21.08.2020 12:29
Source: N1

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday that the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue is stagnating but still has not alternative.

A press release on the Foreign Ministry web site quoted Lavrov as telling the daily Trud that there should be no blackmail or arm twisting as part of outside influence.  

“The dialogue is stagnating today but it has no alternative however much someone wants to cut the Gordian knot. Activities are intensifying in Brussels and Washington to move the negotiation process forward. Outside influence should be free of blackmail and arm twisting against one side while fanning the dubious appetites of the other side. The alternative to the dialogue is very dangerous for everyone,” Lavrov said.  

He said serious and honest talks are needed on the future of Belgrade-Pristina relations. “It can yield results only by taking into account the legal interests of the Kosovo Serbs and their concerns while respecting international law,” Lavrov said, and added that the Kosovo problem was caused by what he called the shameless grabbing of part of Serbia’s territory. According to Lavrov, the quasi-state of Kosovo was created in place of the Serbian autonomous province by a unilateral decision which ignored UN Security Council Resolution 1244. He said the political leaders of the quasi-state are openly ignoring international law, legal demands and the interests of Serbia and the Serb people.