Henkel, SOPAS cleaning up Serbian rivers and lakes

NEWS 19.08.2020 12:16
Source: Promo

Lakes and rivers in Serbia are being cleaned of waste as part of a project by Henkel ProNature and the Serbian Underwater Association (SOPAS) names I Love the River, Do You.

The project was launched over the weekend at the Celije lake outside the town of Krusevac and the town lake in Bela Crkva.  

Henkel Trade and Category Manager Milica Sljivancanin said that the company is continuously investing in innovations to help protect the environment. “Thanks to innovations, a number of our brands use recyclable packaging and we call our consumers to contribute through responsible product use. We launched this project by the ProNature line to clean our rivers and lakes and draw public attention to the fact that we need to change our habits and be more responsbile towards our inherited natural resources to preserve water resources for future generations,” a press release quoted her as saying.  

SOPAS President Bozana Ostojic said that the project is aimed at changing the habit of discarding waste inapprpriatelly. “Everyone should take care of the world around them, nature which gives us so much and asks so little. Water is a resource that we can’t do without and we must preserve it,” she said and recalled that Henkel is supporting and taking part in what has become a traditional activity.  

Henkel and SOPAS are planning to continue the project at the Zavojsko lake outside Pirot and Belgrade’s Ada lake.