Belgrade gets pet cemetery by mid-next year, Deputy Mayor says

NEWS 17.08.2020 17:57
Source: Shutterstock

For the first time, Serbia's capital will have a pet cemetery, Goran Vesic, Belgarde's Deputy Mayor has said on Monday, adding it is expected to be in use as of mid-2021.

 He said the cemetery would be located in New Belgrade, and that a tender would be published by the end of the week.

The tender’s procedure will take up to three months, and the entire project is expected to be finished in six months.

„All our fellow citizens who have pets or have had them, know what problems they had when their pets died because they had nowhere to bury them. That is a serious communal problem in Belgrade that had existed for decades,“ Vesic said as quoted the city’s Beoinfo website.

The city allocated some 1,5 million Euro for the complex with a 300 square meters administrative building, a 20-place parking lot, a crematorium and various places for burying pets.

The pet cemetery will initially have 730 columbariums, 839 grave plots for small, medium and large pets, as well as 760 gravesites for owners who want to mark the pet’s grave especially.