Dacic: Serbia will have advantage in procurement of vaccine from Russia or China

NEWS 15.08.2020 14:07
Source: Printscreen / TV Prva

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said that Serbia would have an advantage in the procurement of vaccines against the coronavirus, due to the specifics of relations with the countries that have gone the furthest in its development - China and Russia, adding that Belgrade has good relations with the West as well.

Noting that the Government of Serbia did not discuss the procurement of vaccines, Dacic noted that it must be safe and efficient.
The Government will not allow unsafe and ineffective vaccines, he said, claiming that in 2009, Novartis sold a swine flu vaccine in Serbia and Europe that was different from that in the United States.

The Minister said that the decision that citizens of Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania must have a negative PCR test for the presence of coronavirus when entering Serbia „also defines some relations in the region.“

Dacic said that those four countries have similar conditions for the citizens of Serbia.