Serbian epidemiologist says children have to wear masks to school

NEWS 11.08.2020 19:00
Source: N1

Serbian epidemioloist Predrag Kon said on Tuesday that masks will be mandatory in all schools.

Kon told the daily pandemic Crisis Staff news briefing that doctors are recommending that children should wear masks at all times but added that an exception to that rule could be made during classes. “Children have to wear masks as soon as they get to school. They should wash their hands before entering class. We are recommending that they don’t remove their masks at all beause that is safest. It is not mandatory in class but has to be worn if they answer questions or leave the classroom,” he said.  

Kon said parents have to take their temperature before sending them to school and added that children who show even the slightest symptoms should not be sent to school. 

Education Minister Mladen Sarcevic told the news briefing that parents have to provide masks for their children, adding that the government can’t secure masks for 1.6 million pupils and students. He said schools would have masks in reserve and that school children taking off their masks would be reprimanded and could be sent home.