Fines for improper parking in Belgrade up to € 212 for individuals

Source: N1

As of Monday, Belgraders and the visitors in Serbia’s capital will have to pay penalties from 42.5 to 212 Euro if they improperly park their vehicles and are caught by the so-called ‘hawkeye,’ newly bought 18 ‘Land Rover Discovery’ jeeps with the electronic system.

For the vehicles belonging to the companies or institutions, the fine will be up to 500 Euro.

The hawkeye has controlled the streets in the capital for the last two weeks and those who have parked where they shouldn’t have only got warnings by mail.

In that period, the jeeps daily registered up to 1,300 improperly parked vehicles in Belgarde.

The fines will vary depending on the place where parking is not allowed like pavements, tram rails, pedestrian crossings or green areas, which is common in drivers in Belgrade.

Those caught in violation have a chance to pay half of the fine if they do that within eight days of the receiving the letter.

The same deadline is given to a car owner to report who if not them has been behind the wheel.