Hyseni: Kosovo-Serbia agreement within 12 months or dialogue fails


Pristina’s coordinator for the Kosovo dialogue Skender Hyseni said on Friday that Belgrade and Pristina should reach an agreement within the next 12 months or see the reconciliation process fail.

“We expect an agreement which will include mutual recognition within 12 months or the process will fail. Everything we see at international level shows that this is a moment that Kosovo and Serbia must grab to make progress. Any delay means failute. I don’t know if Serbia understands that but if it intends to join the European Union it should,” Hyseni told the Klan Kosova TV station.

Hyseni insisted on intensive talks in coordination with the European Union, US and France and added that he would never agree to allow the dialogue process to drag on and boil down to technical issues. “The main issue has to be debated – normal relations between Kosovo and Serbia which can’t happen without mutual recognition,” he said.

He said that he was satisfied with his visit to Washington a week ago because the US administration, including the president’s special envoy Ambassador Richard Grenellis completely committed to the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.