Serbia's ammo factory accuses N1 and Nova S of 'negative campaign'

NEWS 04.08.2020 17:30
Source: N1

The Holding Cooperation' Krusik,' state ammunition factory, charged on Tuesday that N1 and Nova S TVs were conducting a negative campaign against the company, thus preventing it from becoming a strong and stable firm.

The company used a statement explaining why it did not extend a contract with a single mother, accusing her of irresponsible work, to comment on N1 and Nova S reporting about insider information wrongdoings in the factory.


 „To minimise such occurrences, ‘Krusik’ put a lot of efforts in creating a robust, stable and market-oriented company. That doesn’t mean a charitable company in which the work discipline and basic economic logic can be violated,“ the company said.

It added that N1 and Nova S „with their negative campaign put the obstacles on its road to creating such a company, owned by all Serbia’s people.“