Vucic: Serbia wants to cooperate; Rama: Mini Schengen needed more than ever

NEWS 29.07.2020 19:19
Source: Printscreeen

Serbia wants faster regional cooperation and a better economic environment for all Western Balkans' states, President Aleksandar Vucic tells a video conference of the regional leaders organised by the Washington Atlantic Council.

The Council expects the conference to contribute to the economic recovery after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

„Even if we join the European Union before others, we will remain in the region and the cooperation with other countries will still be a priority for Serbia,“ he said.

Avdulah Hoti, Kosovo’s Prime Minister, said Pristina worked hard for the integration into the region, adding that the further cooperation would be healthy for the economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic.

Source : ANADOLIJA/Erkin Keci

„I see that all political leaders have the will to work together to remove the barriers among the states,“ Hoti said.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the Mini Schengen Initiativewould be even more critical after the pandemic and that whoever complicated that process did it for political reasons.

Source : JOHN THYS / AFP

 He estimated that the recession in regional economies would reach eight percent.