Mutiny within Serbia's Socialists, main Vucic's partners, their leader says

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The leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia(SPS) Ivica Dacic said on Tuesday there was 'a mutiny within the party's ranks,' adding he would not allow anyone to separate him from President Aleksandar Vucic and his ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS),

„The way to oust Vucic leads through the dismissal of Dacic,“ he said.

His advisor Petar Skundric was relieved from the post after his son took part in the anti-regime protest in Belgrade, as was an SPS official in the central town of Cacak because her son published his photo from a rally.

 Dacic condemned the statement by Novica Toncev, an SPS deputy leader, who said he would block a motorway if SPS lost another manager’s post. The discussion about another official, Goran Trivan, would follow after some of his associates took photos of themselves during the demonstrations.

 The pro-government tabloids carefully followed every step made by the Socialists and described them as an attack on Vucic.“If the majority in the party wants to work against Vucic, I won’t take part in it and will not be the SPS leader any more,“ Dacic said.

He added he was convinced that the coalition with the SNS was in Serbia’s interest and was ready to give up all position he held if his party was against Vucic.

Asked by an N1 reporter who was leading the SPS now, Vucic or he, Dacic did not reply, but according to his earlier statements, he was ready to dismiss everyone who was against SNS and Vucic.

„I asked President Vucic to send me everything, whatever he has about any one of my people who has made something stupid,“ Dacic said.

Vucic started consultations about forming a new government and the talks with the SPS were scheduled for Friday, after meetings with the minority parties and the Patriotic Front SPAS, and ahead of discussion with his SNS on Monday.