COVID-19 Patients younger now, Serbian Health Minister says

NEWS 14.07.2020 16:52
Source: N1

Serbian Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar told Tuesday’s pandemic Crisis Staff news conference that Belgrade’s COVID-19 hospitals are full, adding that the Rheumatology institute would start taking in coroanivirus-infected patients.

The minister said that patients are being discharged from the field hospital in the Belgrade Stark Arena and are being transferred to hospitals in other places near the Serbian capital. “We are forced to do this to provide adequate care for everyone,” he said.  

According to Loncar, the patients with the worst symptoms are younger now than at the start of the pandemic, aged between 20 and 40. “Their treatment lasts longer and they are in serious condition,” he said.  

His words were echoed by Belgrade Infectious Diseases Clinic chief Goran Stevanovic who said that the patients at the clinic have bad cases of pneumonia and adding that they spend more time in hospital.

“Thier average age is 30 to 50. The disease is very serious in a percentage of cases but we are still seeing older patients with other serious ailments in much worse state,” he said.  

The Crisis Staff news conferences were reinstated on Monday following a break of several weeks during which the Health Ministry published data on the pandemic daily on its web site.