Belgrade police chief says his forces did their job professionally

NEWS 13.07.2020 20:20

Belgrade city police chief Milan Stanic said on Monday that the job of the police is to provide security for the public, property and ensure respect for the law, adding that they are doing the job honorably, honestly and professionally.

“We suffered violence over the past few days. The police did not attack the crowd, they intervened only when their lives were in danger. They intervened so that the people who were not involved in violence could get away. We arrested only the people destroying our country’s property, lynching the police and endangering the people at the protest,” the police chief said in a written statement.

Stanic said that he wants to tell “even the people resorrting to violence” that “our message to your patriotism expressed in the form of patriotic songs is that we gave our lives for Serbia. We regret every one of your injuries to every one of our broken legs, heads, spilled blood and bruises”.

“We are prepared to bear responsibility for our use of force if there was any. We won’t every hate you,” the police chief said. The police have been accused of using excessive force during last week’s protests in Belgrade and Novi Sad.