Dacic calls Serbian opposition to unmask and admit they organized protests

NEWS 11.07.2020 12:17
Source: N1

Foreign Minister and leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) Ivica Dacic on Saturday called the opposition to remove its masks and identify themselves as organizers of the protest which, he said, are helping spread the coronavirus.

Speaking live on the TV Happy morning show, Dacic said that the announcement of a weekend lockdown was used to organize the demonstrations. “Maybe some people did go spontaneously because President Aleksandar Vucic announced a curfew but he said later there wouldn’t be one and so why did they come,” he said.

According to the SPS leader, right-wing organizations and the opposition parties that boycotted the June 21 elections are evidently using ordinary people as infantry to achieve their goals. “The goal of the protest is to keep the fires burning so that they can topple the authorities by force,” he said.  

They can’t win elections, can’t lead demonstrations but they need the demonstrations to keep themselves alive and they need the incidents to keep the protests going, he said and expressed the certainty that the state will beat the hooligans.  

This can only be resolved by enforcing the law. “None of the opposition have been arrested because we don’t want the authorities to appear to be dealing with their opponents,” Dacic said.