Serbia's PM: We won't hesitate to take measures to save lives; Vucic: Worst day

NEWS 10.07.2020 16:55
Source: Tanjug/Rade Prelić

Ana Brnabic, Serbia's Prime Minister, told reporters on Friday the Government would not wait to introduce harsh restrictive means to protect people's health and lives if the rise in coronavirus related deaths and newly infected, after the second-worst day of the epidemic, N1 reported.

„We will not shy away from restrictive measures to preserve the health of our people. I think that the most effective measures are the state of emergency and ban on movements at least during the weekends to enable the health system to breathe,“ she said.


 Brnabic added that the authorities tried to have a different approach and that the struggle against the epidemic would be long-lasting. But, she said, the ban on movements wasn’t the way of living and working, and every individual needed strong discipline.

She begged the „people to take all the measures“ recommended by the country’s anti-epidemic Crisis Team and the World Health Organisation.

 Brnabic said that the recent anti-government protests in Serbia were „nothing more than huge gatherings, an unacceptable health risk, irresponsible behaviour which shouldn’t be the case in these times.“

„The dissatisfaction aside, there will be time for protests; no time for struggle (against the epidemic.) As soon as we see that the numbers (of infected and dead) are under control, suit yourselves. Our health system will see many of those who have been in the streets,“ she said.

Brnabic added that „this is not a political fight, nor is it fight for (President Aleksandar) Vucic or Brnabic,“ but our joint fight.

Zlatibor Loncar, the Health Minister, told the same media conference the time had come for people to understand that the coronavirus was there and that „we have to change our habits.“

„What we have now is directly proportional to our behaviour,“ he said.