Prominent Serbian epidemiologist says coronavirus figures higher than official

NEWS 07.07.2020 11:22
Source: Printscreen

Epidemiologist, retired professor Zoran Radovanovic said that he is being contacted by doctors from across Serbia who claim that the coronavirus death count and number of newly-infected patients is much higher than officially reported.

“There are many more coronavirus-positive people every day. We also know that the number of deaths and infections is being underreported and that there is a lot of manipulation,” Radovanovic told a debate titled Scientific Expertise and Public Policy: Between Authority and Abuse. He said that the manipulation reflects “the moral downfall” of fellow doctors.  

Radovanovic said that he was told by doctor from the Infectious Diseases clinic that the number of coronavirus deaths was grossly under-reported early this month. “If I told you that on July 2 six deaths were officially reported in Serbia and that the actual number was 52 you would ask me how I know and I would have to reveal the identity of a fellow doctor from the Infectious Diseases Clinic who fought for the lives of several people who died for eight hours, who knows how many there were in other hospitals and then sees the report of just six and blows up,” Radovanovic said.  

He said that many fellow doctors had been calling him to tell him that the number of people who died of coronavirus-related ailments is much higher than reported. “A female colleague who I don’t know called me from southern Serbia saying that five people died on the lung ward, that she filled in the death forms since they all had COVID-19 and that did not appear in the reports,” Radovanovic said.  

He said that many more people test positive than the 300 or so that are reported and added that the 7-9,000 tests should include serum tests, not just PCR. “There is a lot of manipulation but we know that the numbers are greatly reduced for both deaths and infections,” Radovanovic said.