Bolton: Territory swap discussed in 2018 as solution for Kosovo issue

NEWS 05.07.2020 12:37
Source: Reuters/Screenshot

Serbia and Kosovo leaders discussed a possibility of territory swap back in 2018 as an option to solve the Kosovo issue, said John Bolton, former National Security Advisor to the US President.

According to Bolton, there were indications that the leaders were willing to solve the issue in 2018 because they realised they were unable to achieve a real independent economic development and stability before they normalise their relations. “It was a controversy in those countries but to me, it seemed worth an effort. One of the things they discussed was a possibility of the territory swap,” Bolton was quoted as saying.

However, he added, this idea caused revulsion in Germany, western Europe and some parts of the Balkans because they feared the territory swap might lead to an exchange anywhere else, which used to happen in history.